Serene Counselling & Psychotherapy

Have you encountered life experiences that have left you feeling sad, anxious, frustrated or discouraged?    
You may be questioning whether you are living your idea of a meaningful life.  You may have noticed that sometimes your interactions and your emotional responses are not working in your favour.  Do you feel that you need to find new ways of improving your relationships? Perhaps you are wondering how you can change. These questions and realizations are the first steps on your journey towards healing. 

I offer counselling and psychotherapy in Orleans in French, English or Arabic. In my private practice I help my clients address a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship boundaries, communication and intimacy, self-esteem, identity, career changes, grief, spirituality, and life transitions.

Throughout the therapeutic process I place an emphasis on creating a safe and compassionate space where we can work together towards your goals in a collaborative fashion. I always strive to build a therapeutic relationship based on empathy, curiosity, and support. In conceptualizing the human being I utilize a holistic approach, where I take into consideration the mind, body, and spirit.

As an integrative therapist, I draw from various theories of psychological development and evidence-based therapeutic approaches to inform my practice. Such theories and approaches are the Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural, Mindfulness-based, experiential and somatic, Logotherapy, and Solution Focused approaches. For further details regarding these approaches please look under services.

It would be an honour to accompany you on your journey to healing. Together we can take steps towards change, peacefulness, serenity, and joy.

Ensemble on pourra prendre des étapes vers le changement, paix, sérénité et joie.

دائما ًفي خدمتكم


​Iriny Youssef, M.A.

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